Wood and Furniture Testing

“Woods are chop to make your place beautiful”

Wood is an amazing gift from the nature that can be renewed. It is well utilized in our daily lives; and here, comes the role of Shree Ram Wood and Furniture Testing Lab. Our company completes entire facilities to test wood, wood products, and wood based materials. As, we all know that wood has the higher insulating rating than any other material, because of its natural cellular structure. Our company ensures that you receive top-notch testing services with intended result and timely delivery.

Specification for Wood Testing

Multiple parameters carried for different types of woods such as:

Timber : Moisture,Tensile strength, Density, Nail holding, and many more

Plywood : Glue shear,Water resistance, Mycological test, Moisture, and Adhesion of plies

Block Board : Dimensions, Dimensional change, Mycological test, and many more

Door shutter : Knife test, End immersion, Glue adhesion, Squareness, Planeness test, Impact indentation, Flexure test, and many more to name

Numerous Tests Carried by Shree Ram Wood and Furniture Testing Lab

The company pass their products through multiple wood and furniture testing, some are mentioned below:

Chemical Testing for Wood :

  • Volatile organic compound (VOC) emission
  • Azo Dyes
  • Phthalates
  • Coating thickness
  • Nickel Release
  • Heavy Metals and many more

Mechanical and Physical Testing for Wood :

  • Drop test
  • Lock, Latch, and Load test (3 L test)
  • Surface soundness
  • Modulus of Elasticity
  • Load endurance test and many more

Fire Test : Fire test conducted for furniture safety:

  • Cigarette ignition Resistance of Components of upholstered furniture
  • ASTM E1474/ASTM F 1550
  • Fire testing of upholstered furniture

Floors made from wood or its material :

  • Types and quality of wood
  • Environmental protection and safety testing
  • Wood preservation and conversation testing
  • And many other tests are carried

Climatic changes :

  • Accelerated heat and UV aging
  • Corrosion tests
  • Humidity and temperature cycling tests

The above-mentioned are some of the tests that are carried in our lab. We are well aware about the requirements of our customers and thus work in bringing the same, as per promised. You can enjoy these services at an affordable cost price.